Our Vision

We envision a world were race, gender, and class are no longer barriers to our individual and collective wellbeing. We aim to develop agents of change to gain both the competence and confidence to effectively contribute to eradicating social and racial disparities through their life and work.

We believe that sustainable social change requires developing individuals to shift from treating the symptoms of social issues, to learning to address the barriers that created and continue to maintain disparities in our society. This requires the willingness to navigate through hard conversations, and the ability to create new approaches within the communities that we serve.

— Chantel L. Jones, M.Ed- Founder of CLH Social Solutions, LLC

Our Advocacy Efforts


  • Increase household income for women and families.

  • Support institutions in implementing racial equity and inclusion practices.

  • Advancing academic achievement outcomes for students of color.

  • Reduce unemployment/and underemployment for oppressed communities.

  • Create accountability, and strengthen trust between communities of color and local law enforcement.

  • Diversify leadership representation of women and people of color within the social sector workforce.

  • Create gainful employment opportunities for individuals impacted by poverty, domestic violence and past criminal history.