Join Us in this journey of eliminating social and racial disparities within our lifetime.

The Following Services are Applicable Across Systems: Non-profits, Social Service Providers, Faith and Education Intuitions.  

Training &    Group Facilitation

We facilitate workshops and community sessions to identify an institutions unique contribution to advancing social and racial equity.  We find value in making space for transformative change through brave dialogue and strategic planning. 

We offer tools and resources to support individuals to learn how to navigate social barriers and minimize racial outcomes.

Common Session Topics: 

  • "Unpacking The Manifestations of Bias, Disparities and Racism."
  • "Crafting Your Organization Vision and Theory of Change for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion."
  • "Why Are We Talking About Race & Understanding Intersectionality."
  • "Addressing The Elephant in the Room- Learning To Navigate Sensitive Cross-Cultural Conversations."
  • "Removing Barriers & Building Leadership Pipelines for Women & People of Color. "


Advising & Program Support

Creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable practices for improving social disparities is no overnight task. We offer contracted program support to support your efforts.

Common Advising Needs:  

  • Designing Diverse & Inclusion Focused Recruiting Strategies.  
  • Planning for Program Initiatives & Conferences & Public Events That Bring Awareness To Social & Racial Justice.  
  • Facilitation for Team Meetings & Community Forums. 


1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

We offer 1-on-1 coaching & leadership development support for individuals as they take up this charge of creating lasting change within the institutions and communities they serve.

Common Coaching Needs:

  • Learning How to Contribute To Cross-Racial Conversations.
  • Peer-to-Peer & Team Conflict Mediation.
  • Advancing Cultural Sensitivity & Self-Awareness of Bias. 
  • Self- Advocacy Techniques & Learning To Navigate Barriers of Bias. 
  • Crafting Your Individual Theory of Change for Advancing Social & Racial Equity in Your Life/Work.