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Career Coaching w/t Chantel. 

About Coaching


Chantel aims to reduce workplace and internalized racial oppression, build bridges to career advancement and leadership opportunities, and improve the mental, spiritual and collective wellbeing for women and people of color.  

One-on-One Support

 Chantel offers 1-on-1 coaching support for individuals and organizations serving women and people of color to create a world where everyone thrives. Coaching is for the individual who needs support in navigating through challenging barriers at work, creating a roadmap to advance your career and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Free 30-min Consultation

All sessions are done virtually via phone or google hangout. If interested in determining if coaching is for you, and/or how Chantel can support you in your quest to success and personal fulfillment, complete the contact form below to schedule a free thirty minute consultation today.

After 2 years of unemployment, tons of job applications & multiple interviews I was starting to lose hope about finding a job in my career field. I’m a single mother and had no choice but to get to the bottom of why I wasn’t being hired. Through my coaching sessions, I learned how to be confident in my abilities, what I actually could offer a company and how to communicate it all through interview techniques. Then to wrap it all up, Chantel helped me build a resume that would scream HIRE ME! In a matter of weeks, I started getting callbacks and landed a position in a law office. I’m so glad I humbled myself to get down to the core problems of my job search. I would recommend Chantel to anyone needing practical lessons to not only be inspired and encouraged but to see an positive return on investing in yourself.
— Courtney- Detroit, MI
Chantel is a gift to the Dallas-Fort Worth community. I have had the privilege of learning from her in the past, as she facilitated racial justice work, and most recently, through her career coaching. There is a high need for services and mentorship for professional women of color, and Chantel not only fills this gap, but also excels and delivers in a way that is unmatched. She is professional, experienced, and compassionate. She helps you uncover your strengths and provides you with tools, resources, and actionable steps to take toward achieving your goals. Not sure what your goals are? Chantel can help with that, too. The best part of working with Chantel is that you immediately feel like you are talking to a friend. Anyone looking to advance professionally is looking in the right place if they come to Chantel.
— Nelly, Dallas, TX
During our initial consultation and first session, I was self-motivated but knew I needed an extra push.  I was transitioning from one profession to another and needed some guidance. In short, Chantel was constantly challenging me spiritually and professionally with thought-provoking questions and it helped me realize that I needed to centralize my life that had a purpose that not only I could be proud of but was also in alignment with my natural gifts. I learned that God’s vision and purpose should be central. If you are looking for someone who is clear, concise, and forthcoming there is no one who will be more personal, Godly, and genuinely concerned with achieving your goals.
— Lorna, Dallas, TX
Chantel spoke at Dream On Dallas, a networking mixer I created to help connect, inspire and encourage dreamers, entrepreneurs and artists to passionately pursue their dreams. I could not have made a better decision than to have her speak. She presented in a manner that was both fun and inspiring, while still giving a motivating message. That’s a tough combination to achieve, but she did it with style and grace.  Just months after the event I received phone calls from people who attended saying they were not only motivated for one night but left with encouragement and drive and are now pursuing their passions in life because of Chantel.
— Paige, OKC/Dallas
Chantel assisted me in financial guidance as well as clarifying a more detailed understanding of my gifts and talents; the differences between the two and how to utilize them in conjunction with my own happiness. It benefited me in many ways.  I was able to receive a realistic goal and controlling my spending habits and start to take steps in reducing my debt through the goals set and suggestions made in our coaching sessions.  I even discovered new gifts and talents I never knew I had and brought them to the surface.
I’m now starting to realize where my true passion lies and how to apply it to achieve fulfillment.  It helped me to reach a genuine point where I further realized that my happiness needs to be and should be my number one priority.  When I do the things and make decisions based off of MY happiness then positive and great things happen; I start to live a truly fulfilled life.  If you’re seeking something greater, if you’re looking to discover your true self, if you need that extra push in realizing and achieving your goals...Chantel is the way to go!  She is God-fearing, patient, genuinely helpful and motivating.  Her client’s desires/goals are the number one priority!
— Shari- Los Angeles, CA
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