TEA Fund: Seeking Intake Director

The Intake Director is a full-time position managed by the Texas Equal Access Fund (TEA Fund) Executive Director. The Intake Director’s main responsibility is to oversee the operation of the abortion funding hotline, which offers grants to help people in Texas pay for abortion services. This entails running the hotline day-to-day; sustaining and maintaining hotline database and phone line, data entry, recruiting volunteers, training and managing hotline volunteers; reporting to the ED and Board of Directors; managing the hotline budgets; maintaining relationships with abortion clinics, other abortion funds, and practical support networks in Texas; and staying up-to-date with Texas abortion funding, regulation, and legislation.

Position summary
This position coordinates TEA Fund’s English and Spanish language hotline and direct assistance program(s).  Key responsibilities include:

  • Coordination of daily program operations

  • Recruitment, training, and retention of volunteers

  • Hotline data, intake, and impact tracking

  • Monthly program reporting to Board of Directors and Executive Director

  • Creation, revision, and enforcement of program policies

  • Sustaining and maintaining hotline database and phone line

  • Management of relationships with partner clinics and community organizations

  • Program evaluation, assessment, and design recommendations

  • Administrative tasks and data entry

  • Community outreach and education

Chantel Hobbs