"We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For."

Working in the sphere of social and racial justice is mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting. It often seems as though the more work you do, the more work you realize still needs to be done. If we’re not careful, it’s relatively easy to sink into a place of hopelessness and despair. You’ll begin to doubt humanity for what it’s worth. Is ending racism and hate really possible? You may even begin to doubt yourself and the impact of your efforts. I offer this perspective because these are thoughts that I have experienced for myself. At times I allow for myself to sit and feel all of these emotions. But then I also have to remind myself that losing hope for our progress as humanity is not something that I or we can afford to do. 

When I’m in this space of feeling low and discouraged, I find solace in books and reading from authors of color who eloquently express their experiences of navigating through this journey called life. Right now, I’m sitting with the words of Alice Walker and her book “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.”  I won’t spoil the reading experience for you, so I’ll only share a few quotes from the book that reached out and touched me deeply. I invite you to sit with her words and thought-provoking questions. Hopefully, you’ll find this book just as healing, and self-affirming as I have. 

When trying to make sense of this political, social and downright global chaos in our world, consider the following words of Alice Walker. 

Alicie Walker photo.jpg
  1. “We are living in a time of global enlightenment.”
  2. “We should not step back from what is transpiring politically and morally in the world.”
  3. “ Sit for a moment and consider what it means to be aware; let yourself feel the many ways you have been morally and politically manipulated and tricked.”
  4. “ What is our responsibility to justice in a society that privatized the building of prisons and dreams up reasons to build more and ways to keep them full?”
  5. “Sometimes as African Americans, African Indians, African Amerindians, and People of Color, it appears we are being removed from the planet."
  6. "It is because of our global spiritual ancestors that we create a better world."
  7. "I know I am still connected to my ancestors. Not only through my physical body, my cells, and my cellular memory, my love of play and creativity, but especially through my dream."
  8. “The problems we face today cannot be solved in the minds that created them.” 
  9. “Do not look outside of yourself for the leader.” 
  10. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”