4 Illustrations of White Privilege & Institutional Racism.


In my profession as an Advocacy Consultant, I facilitate trainings and work sessions for organizations and institutions who desire to become better advocates for social justice. In order for this to happen, they bravely take up the charge of developing skills to lean into their discomfort and engage in conversations on the various dimensions of racism. In leading these discussions, I’ve found it helpful to utilize images as an exercise conversation starter. The sole purpose of this exercise is to develop a race- conscious lens of how white privilege and institutional racism shows up in our personal lives and the world around us. Prior to engaging in discussion, it helps to have an understanding of where people are within their racial analysis. We cannot expect individuals to remove barriers that create disproportionate racial outcomes when they haven’t acknowledged it’s existence, and have yet to develop the lens to observe how racism manifests itself across systems. I invite you to use the definitions to frame the images below, and engage in discussions on identifying privilege, and your observations of the racial barriers created by racism. I'm here to support you in this process and journey as well. Contact me here for support. 

Definition 1: White Privilege refers to the unquestioned and unearned set of advantages, entitlements, benefits and choices bestowed on people solely because they are white. Generally white people who experience such privilege do so without being conscious of it.

Definition 2: Institutional racism refers specifically to the ways in which institutional policies and practices create different outcomes for different racial groups. The institutional policies may never mention any racial group, but their effect is to create advantages for whites and oppression and disadvantage for people from groups classified as people of color.

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